Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back from a mini vacation

I returned home last Monday after taking a few days off to go to Las Vegas. It was a pretty random trip to say the least. That's what birthday celebrations are all about though right? ;)

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is going through another huge construction boom again. This is the new $7.4B City Center project by the MGM Mirage.... Basically, a city-within-a-city.

This upcoming week I'll be working a LOT and then next week I am back on my regular '7 week' training ramp up leading up to Nationals.

During those 7 weeks I'm going to cover a variety of topics:

  • Equipment overview (I'll cover all the major equipment I use during training and competitions)

  • Weekly check-in's during the final 7 weeks running up to Nationals

  • Training activities

  • Physical and mental training and conditioning

I'm also going to try and post up more photos... maybe some videos If I can find enough time. :)