Sunday, January 25, 2009

Upcoming matches in Western Canada

2009 is here! I've been getting back into training and loving the fact that I can shoot and raise my arm properly again.

Here are a handful of upcoming matches in Western Canada.

06-08 - Alberta Provincial Air Gun -
13-15 - 2009 Canadian Airgun Grand Prix

06-08 - 2009 BC Airgun Championships - Registration Form
13-15 - City of Calgary Air Gun Championships -
27-29 - City of Calgary ISSF Pistol Championships -

If I've missed any matches, please let me know so I can post up details.

Regrettably, I'm missing the Canadian Airgun Championships this year and a few other matches. I'll be back in Competition mode in April and hope to make it out to Saskatchewan in April and/or May.

I haven't seen any information as to where the 2009 Canadian National Pistol Championships will be held but has recently released information on the 2009 Athelete Selection Criteria for the National Team, Development Team & the Junior Program.

Looks like I will need to be shooting above 573 to make the National "A" Team. That's 10 points above the Olympic Minimum Qualification Score (MQS) or 95.5% perfect.

More to come... I took some photos of the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Richmond today and will post them up.

2009 Go!