Monday, May 28, 2007

Registered for Nationals

I just got my confirmation and I'm now registered to compete at the 2007 Canadian National Pistol Championships!

I have about 10 weeks to train and get ready for Nationals. I wish there were a few more BC area matches where I could compete in my discipline, but there aren't any.

I've decided to try out for the National Team as well. I figure I need to go into the event aiming high... plus it's only an extra $25 to declare for National Team Trials. :)

This will be my first time going to Saskatchewan!

More details soon...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Back from the Island and online again

I checked out of the hotel Sunday morning and headed back out to the shooting range to see the overall results. I finished in 2nd place with a 552/600.

How does scoring work? You have 1 hour and 45 minutes to take 60 shots. The highest point value for each shot is a 10, so 60 shots = 600 maximum score. The ISSF website lists the World Record at 593/600 by Sergei Pyzhianov and the Olympic Record at 591 shot by Mikhail Nestruev.

The number of competitors attending Provincials was definitely lower than what I've seen in the past when I was competing before. It would be nice to see more people out at these events.

Yesterday was fun, some friends of mine were staying at a cabin near Prospect Lake. It's a beautiful area around there. Canoeing. BBQ. Fishing. Nice way to finish up the weekend.

Nationals are in August so there are over 10 weeks of training time before then. I'm going to review my notes from this past weekend and get a training plan developed which I'll write more about later.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

552 / 600... my result for my 1st competition back

It was good to be in competition mode again... all the little things I'd run through in my head started coming back to me. It really is almost entirely mental.

The air pistol range at the NSRG is indoors but has some vinyl walls which allow for a certain amount of sunlight and shadows to be cast inside. The changes and lighting as the sun moves behind clouds don't factor too much on the one side of the air range I shot at.

Al Harding's Steyr LP10
I was shooting in position #5 (That isn't me :))

552/600... I'm pretty happy with this score. 92%. For not having practiced more than 3 times in the last 4 years and shooting with a gun that had just been serviced last week and hasn't yet been tuned for me... it's a good score.

I need to get back into the 560s+ for Nationals in August.

This Provincial event is a 5 gun match where shooters compete in Centre Fire, Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire, Free Pistol, and Air Pistol. The last 3 are Olympic events. I only came to shoot Air Pistol as you need special licenses etc to carry and compete with the other guns. I will need to get my permits etc so I can compete in other events... I'd like to compete in Free Pistol again.

There are a few shooters left to shoot their Air match today so I won't know how I did overall until tomorrow.

Heading back for the BBQ... tomorrow I think I'll go see what's happening in Victoria. There are Titanic artifacts on display at the Museum which would be pretty cool to see.

Feel free to leave any comments on here! :)

Good morning Sidney!

I arrived in Sidney, BC last night coming over on the ferry from Tsawassen, BC. I think that was the first time I've made that particular ferry ride, it is pretty neat going in and out of the Gulf Islands.

Once on the Schwartz Bay side I figured I would just hop in a cab waiting there and get a ride in to Sidney. Hmm... Apparently 15 other people had similar thoughts and there was a single cab there. Everyone was trying to figure out what to do after learning the next cab would be 30 minutes, and eventually everyone ran over to a bus that was about to leave. Another couple and myself stayed behind and a cab arrived within 5 minutes. :) We shared it and I was in Sidney a few minutes later... I wonder if that bus had even left the terminal yet. ;)

I fell sleep around 10 just before Horatio and his team of CSI's would have solved the crime on CSI Miami... I'm certain they got their guy.

Zzzzzzz. *sleep*

It's the morning of the competition (technically, the event began yesterday) and I'll get to the shooting range in about an hour. I'll take some photos and blog in a bit later.

I just opened my camera and realized I left my 2GB SD memory card in my computer after taking the photos when my gun arrived back from Quebec. Awesome :). It's stuff like that you can't let bother you on competition day. In fact, as soon as my camera display flashed "NO MEMORY CARD" I let out a good laugh as my mind raced in reverse to realize it was left in one of the slots on my computer at home. Anyhow, I have a 32 MB card with me, it just means I'll have to dump the photos to my laptop frequently.

Anyhow... the sun is trying to drive solar nails through the clouds here and looks like it may turn out to be a partially sunny day here.

More shortly... stay tuned.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Air Pistol has arrived and is ready!

Yesterday I received my air pistol back from Cibles Canada Targets, plus a new sleeve of competition high speed pellets and 10m targets. This couldn't have been timed any better!

Al Harding's Steyr LP10
I took it out to the Richmond Rod & Gun Club to see how it would performed and I was pleased with the holes it was punching in the targets.

I'll be packing tomorrow morning and getting ready to leave for Victoria and will probably post daily while I'm away. It will be great to be there during the Victoria Day long weekend... hopefully the weather holds nicely.

Monday, May 14, 2007

FedEx, 9,738 km, and Spring #51...

Last Friday, with 1 week before Provincials, I made the decision to FedEx my air pistol 4,869 km across the country to Cibles Canada Targets in Gatineau (Hull), Quebec.


Yes... I wasn't happy with how the air pistol was firing and chose to get it checked out. Good thing I did as there was a problem with a few parts. Spring #51 and a few others.

I can't wait to try it out, hopefully it arrives before I leave for Provincials. If not, I'll be bringing my 14 yr old Walther air pistol out of retirement. This is the gun I won the gold medal with at the Western Canada Games in 1995. I also shot the BC Junior record at the same event. The record still holds today at 566/600. I dusted it off this past weekend and tried it out and was pretty happy with it.

Confidence that your equipment will function precisely and consistently is important in this sport. Ironically though, the final day of shooting at the Western Canada Games one of my gun's CO2 cylinders failed... I always have an extra with me though. The match had already started so I had to act quickly as a match has a fixed time limit to complete all 60 shots. That's the kind of thing you need to react to, deal with, and regain focus as quick as possible.

Competing next weekend for the first time in a few years should be pretty cool.

I made sure my hotel room had WiFi so I'll probably be making updates quite frequently over the next short while.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Zipcar'ing around to the Richmond Rod & Gun Club

I sold my car last December and have been doing a lot more walking and transit riding lately. I don't mind riding on transit if I've got a good book or some music to listen to... I kind of like the fact that I get away from a computer screen. :) Not having a car can be a bit of a challenge when you want to move anything that can't fit inside of a backpack... like groceries or getting around anywhere that is off transit hours or outside of the main transit arteries.

I recently found out that the Richmond Rod & Gun Club has an indoor air gun range at Sportstown BC in Richmond. Getting out there by bus is not easy without having it take hours.

Conveniently, at the same time, I also found out about a cool new service in Vancouver called Zipcar. What is it? Well, basically like their marketing tagline says, "wheels when you want them". I just book a time when I want a vehicle and select one of the 100 or so they have around the city and I pay about $9/hr and it comes with a gas card in the visor you can use for free. The coolest part about the Zipcars is walking up to them and pulling out your Zipcar card and putting it near the windshield to unlock the car. It's awesome. Anyhow, if you're interested in checking it out let me know and I can give you a driving credit free from them. As cool as this service is it is somewhat expensive if I'm paying for it while I'm practicing inside.

The Richmond Rod & Gun Club has leased space at Sportstown BC. I checked it out last week and got to see some familiar faces... Dale, Edmond, and of course Paul! Awesome to see these guys.

The RR&GC alternate nights with an archery club. More information about the indoor range and practice times can be found on their website: