Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Back at it!

Reflecting on the recent international shooting competition in the Netherlands, where I had the honour of representing Team Canada alongside Michele Esercitato and Stuart Burns, the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment is hard to put into words. Our team's gold medal victory, triumphing over Belgium and Germany, was a testament to our individual skills and a powerful reminder of the strength of collaboration and shared goals. This event marked my return to international competition after a four-year hiatus, largely due to the pandemic, and it was the first time I had competed at this level since deciding to pick up my pistol again after a two-year break. Returning to the shooting range, training at the Sunshine Coast Rod & Gun Club, was filled with doubts and challenges. Yet, the support from my community and the relentless pursuit of excellence drove me forward.

Allan Harding, Stuart Burns, and Michele Esercitato

Team Canada takes gold in the men's team event!

This competition was more than a return; it reawakened my passion for the sport. Despite the physical toll and the mental hurdles, standing on the podium with my teammates, knowing we had achieved something remarkable, was incredibly rewarding. The thought of retiring had crossed my mind, with a focus on coaching and contributing to the sport off the range. However, this experience has reignited my competitive spirit, and I'm now looking forward to the possibilities, including the 2028 Olympics. The road here hasn't been easy, but it's been worth every moment. As I continue this journey, I'm reminded of the resilience, dedication, and love for the sport that has brought me this far.