Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in Vancouver for a few days

I'm back in Vancouver for a few days before heading back to Calgary on Thursday for the 10m ISSF event.

The 50m event went okay. I would have liked to have shot a bit better but the scores were better than Provincials and my Finals score was better than last year. The 50m event hasn't been my main focus and a lack of nearby ranges makes it difficult to train for.

Pardini FPM, Knobloch shooting glasses, and some Fiochi ammo

The nice thing about Nationals this year is it's all electronic. Each position has a monitor that shows all of your shots as you shoot them. You can see a shot by shot breakdown of all of the results on the Alberta Handgun Association website.

The range was really bright and I was definitely not used to that considering I rarely get out to an outdoor range, let alone when it's incredibly sunny. So I had to make a quick MacGyver modification to my shooting glasses with a piece of packaging from my ammo box and some chewing gum so I could darken my left eye blinder.

Blocking out the sun with gum and cardboard...

I wasn't the only one who had to make some mods; my teammate Edmond Lee had problems with his Toz Free Pistol. He got 34 shots into the match before his gun broke down but was able to finish after borrowing another Toz and then my Pardini.

Results are posted right away from the shooting positions, to a laptop, to the Internet. All results can be found here: Our BC Team, consisting of Edmond Lee, John Berta and me, won Gold in the Closed Team aggregate, and I picked up a Gold in the Sharpshooter class in the 50m event.

More next week when I'm back to Calgary for the IISF 10m event.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Arrived in Calgary!

Nice and sunny in Calgary!

I flew in this morning and went straight to the range for equipment check and registration. I'm shooting my .22 Pardini FPM tomorrow at 9:00am and then at 1:00pm in the ISSF 50m event.

Resting up today and will post scores after Finals tomorrow afternoon. I've got a cool new Flip video camera that I'll be using to record some video from the range that I'll get online. We'll see how much time I have before I fly back to Vancouver tomorrow night. Then I'll fly back to Calgary next Thursday for the 10m event and stay a few days here in Calgary.

Go Team BC!