Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 WCAGC Match Winner!

Busy week! I was down in Redmond, WA at the Microsoft campus on Friday and then drove back, in time for a few hours sleep before flying to Calgary Saturday morning.

John Berta and I were the BC Team that attended the 2010 Western Canadian Airgun Championships. We took a 7am flight out of Vancouver and drove from the airport straight to the Calgary Rifle & Pistol Club and were shooting our first match of the day a few minutes later.

I shot a 560 / 600 and a 564 / 600 which put me in 1st place going into Finals on Sunday. I was 14 points ahead of 2nd going into Finals so there wasn't a lot of pressure -- but it is Finals and anything can happen. ;) Ultimately, I pushed a bit further ahead and locked in the 'Match Winner' title.

Here are some photos of the scores for 10m Air and 10m Rifle Finals:

10M Pistol Men

10M Pistol Women

10M Rifle Men

10M Rifle Women

Impressive, as always, are the World class rifle scores that Cory Niefer shoots... 594! 54 10's out of 60! Awesome.

Thanks to Bernie, CRPC, the range officials, and volunteers for hosting an excellent match in Calgary.

My next competition is at the 2010 Hibernation Match in Richmond, BC in a couple of weeks.