Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catching up on updates

You ever have one of those days (or weeks?) where you feel like you're off course by just a few moments in time? That sort of sums up my trip to Nationals. It all started when I was driving to the airport and in the parking lot ahead of me a car kept speeding up and slowing down as they passed each row of cars looking for an empty space. It seemed like they were in a panic and being the airport parking lot I can safely assume they were running late for their flight. Each time they did this as the car slowly crept forward I could see their head turn to the right, then to the left, then back to the right, then back to the left. I was following behind, patiently, waiting to get to the far end of the lot where there are always spots. Only a few rows in they stop, turn their head back to the left and point at something. Without hesitation they put their car into reverse and sped backwards so they could turn into that row of cars. They sped backwards. Without looking. Right into my car. Luckily there was no damage other than what looked like my license plate stamped into the back of their bumper.

I wondered what would have happened if I had left home a little earlier (or even later), would I have been right behind that car at that moment or just have driven into the lot, parked my car, and carried on to catch my flight.

The next 'off' moment came when I had finished shooting the 10m event and saw I was not going to make it out of the qualification round. I went and had lunch and dropped off my gear at the hotel. I got back to the range to watch Finals and they announced that I was in 8th position (non-Canadians had been removed from shooting in the Canadian Finals). There I was, without my equipment, and expected to shoot in about 5 minutes. I borrowed a gun I'd never shot before from Team BC's Jamie Berta. No shooting glasses, no flat soled shooting shoes, not even my competitor number to wear on my back. Uhhh. I had 8 minutes to get the gun sighted in not fully knowing which adjustment did what or by how much down range. No shooting glasses? No problem, I just squinted to block out the extra light (normally I shoot with a blinder and an almost closed iris). No competitor number? Not a problem a piece of paper, a pen, and some tape can't fix. I was definitely 'amateur hour'. I finished the Finals the best I could with a gun that didn't fit my hand... I had nothing to lose anyway, you can't drop from 8th (last in Finals) to anything lower.

If I had taken a few more seconds to look at the results maybe I wold have noticed the non-Canadians ahead of me in the standings. Maybe I would have kept my equipment with me and maybe I would have shot with my gear and maybe I could have climbed to 5th, 6th, ,or 7th.

No point trying to play the would have, could have, should have game though. It's done and I need to move forward, learn, plan, and adjust.

In the 50m event I got gold in the Sharpshooter class so that was pretty cool! Plus our Team BC (John Berta, Edmond Lee, and me) were able to snag silver in the 10m team event. Top shooting by Edmond Lee who was able to secure 3rd place in Canada in the 10m individual!

50m Gold in Sharpshooter class
Back to the range tomorrow! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Less than 2 weeks until Nationals in Calgary

It's been awesome watching the Olympics the last while. I wish they showed more of the shooting events on TV though... I'm sure other countries show more shooting event coverage. So far the best coverage I've been able to find is from the NBC Olympics website where they have full event replays.

I've been pretty busy the last 2 months since my last blog post. I took some time off and spent 2 weeks in Peru trekking to Machu Picchu (I want to go back!), I was in San Francisco a week for work, did a weekend in Las Vegas for fun and then spent some time in Portland for work. Busy!

Pretending to be doing some serious climbing. :)
Machu Picchu in the background.
In my last competition in Munich I noticed some issues with the grip on my Pardini FPM and have since replaced the grip with a new one that is better fitted to my hand. I've spent the last couple weeks dry firing and getting to the 50m range, when I can, to get a good feel for it.

Nationals are in Calgary this year and I'll be there Aug 17-20 to shoot 10m and 50m events. Stay tuned for more posts!