Thursday, August 19, 2021

"What does it feel like when each shot counts?"

Canada's Gun Store has this great story that they put together about me and shooting. Go have a read here:

"What does it feel like when each shot counts?"

53 days until Pan Am Shooting CHampionships in Peru!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Confirmed: We're heading to Lima, Peru in October!

The Shooting Federation of Canada will send our Team Canada shooting team to Lima, Peru this October for the 1st PanAmerican Shooting Championships (currently limited details online). My first international competition since Intershoot at The Hague in February of 2020.

Competing in 10m pistol event at Intershoot 2020
Photo credit: Arno Brinkman

Despite international travel opening up it's still a challenge coordinating flights to a different continent. My travel to Peru takes me from Vancouver to Toronto first where I'll meet up with my teammate Stuart Burns, then we take a redeye to Bogota, Columbia, have a 14 hour layover then fly to Lima Peru and arrive that night. It's about a 40hr duration for me flying there and same coming back. Although my return trip has me travelling from Lima -> Panama City -> Bogota -> Toronto -> Vancouver.  

We'll have lots of updates from our shooting team while there. We've got a good sized team travelling down and competing in rifle, pistol, and shotgun events.

Let's do this!