Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 BC Air Champ... 2 yrs in a row

Had a great shoot this weekend in Richmond, BC for the 2013 BC Airgun Championships finishing 1st for the second straight year. My scores were 563, 556, and 567 for a total of 1686, only 6 points ahead of fellow BC Team teammate Edmond Lee.

On day 1, the first match I shot a 99 and 98 in my first 20 shots which was my best start ever. My score dropped a bit in the afternoon so I need to work on that. It can be a bit draining shooting a second match only a couple hours later. Endurance!

The second day started out decent with shots 11-20 resulting in another 99. Below is my scorecard for the 567.

567/600 score card from 2013 BC Airgun Championships
Taking a bit of a break the next few weeks and then will start ramping up training leading up to June when I'll travel down to Fort Benning, Georgia for the 2013 USA Rifle & Pistol National Championships.