Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally made the switch to air... no more CO2

I finally retired my CO2 Steyr LP 10 and have picked up a Steyr LP 10E. I had that last Steyr LP 10 since 2001 and it replaced my Walther CP3 Match-MV which I had for over a decade before that. Classic!

There are quite a few technical changes from the last decade that have gone into the latest LP 10 iteration which are new for me. For starters there is the change from CO2 to compressed air, the 8 duct compensator, the electronic trigger, and the ball bearing trigger.

I've started to train with the new LP 10E and getting the sights and trigger setup to something similar to my last LP 10. The electronic trigger is smoooooth! I've tried out electronic triggers in the past but until this year was always all about the mechanical triggers. This Summer at Nationals, when I tried out the new Steyr LP 10E from Air Guns Plus!, I was convinced it was time to switch to electronic.

My first competition with the Steyr LP 10E will be at the 2011 Canadian Airgun Grand Prix in Toronto, Canada on January 21, 22 and 23, 2011.