Monday, March 10, 2008

Tracking progress to achieve high performance

In a recent post I mentioned about my progress since last year and I thought it would be a good exercise to show it visually. In the last 10 months since returning to the sport I've managed to get myself back to where I was as a junior in the mid 90s when I was a National Junior champion to shooting the best I ever have.

In the chart below are various shooting events I've attended since my first competition back in May 2007. Each competition had 1 to 3 matches which I took the average of all scores shot during a particular competition. In total I have shot 12 matches at 6 different competitions in the last 10 months.

Al Harding's current performance tracking
There are 3 notable lines on the chart:

593 - The World Record
578 - The BC Provincial Record
563 - The Olympic Minimum Qualification Score (MQS details)

I've also added a trendline so I could see how I was doing over time. The last marker around the 570 mark is located around the time the Canadian Nationals in Calgary are. That's my goal.

I've got a long way to go before competing Internationally, but I'm happy with my progress and intend to keep doing my best to get better. Even though I've been shooting higher than the Olympic MQS lately it doesn't mean much (yet). It's 'good'... but great comes after 580. ;) My last score of 568 would only have put me tied for 51st at the European Championships held a few weeks ago. Need more practice! :)

I also want to say a massive Thank You to all the new subscribers and readers of my blog. Thanks!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 2 - 2008 BC Airgun Championships Results - new personal best!

A great day of shooting today with a lot of high scores. I shot a new personal best of 568/600. Tyler Johnson and Edmond Lee both shot 569/600 and Dorothy Ludwig shot a new personal best also at 387/400 which is probably the highest score shot at the match when calculated by percentage. Nice!

Al Harding collects his medal
1st in master class and new personal best

Edmond Lee was the overall Match Winner for men with a total of 1716/1800 (569,578,569). Tyler Johnson was the top male Junior with a total of 1698/1800 (560,569,569). I was 1st in the Master class with a total of 1694/1800 (564,562,568).

The results for both rifle and pistol can be found here.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 1 - 2008 BC Airgun Championships

Just a quick update...

The BC Airgun Championships consist of 3 matches, 2 shot on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. This morning I shot my highest since returning to the sport last May.. a 564/600 followed by a 562/600 this afternoon. If you've been following my blog and my progress since last year you'll notice my scores are slowly moving up.

I believe I'm currently in 3rd -- Two shooters who I really respect; Edmond Lee and Tyler Johnson both shot personal bests today. Impressive. Edmond shot a 578 which ties the BC record set in 2000 by Arno Baron and Tyler Johnson, still a junior shooter, shot a 569 which is a new BC Junior record. Tyler unofficially beat my BC Junior record (566/600 set in 1993) last November.

The aggregate score (out of a possible 1200 so far) for the 3 of us from today:

Edmond Lee - 1147 (569 + 578)
Tyler Johnson - 1129 (560 + 569)
Al Harding - 1126 (564 + 562)

More to come tomorrow...