Saturday, February 23, 2008

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix - Day 2

Day 2 of the 2008 Canadian Airgun Grand Prix...

My first round of shooting is complete and I finished the day with a 558 / 600. A decent score but under where I'd like to be (isn't that always the case? :)). I went in to today having slept great the night before and ate a good well rounded breakfast with lots of fruit.

I only shot 5 sighter shots which is less than what I usually do but everything felt 'on' so I started my first competition target right away. Part way through the match the clock mounted on the wall I was using to keep track of my time actually fell off the wall and broke on the ground. I had 20 shots left and knew I had lots of time so despite not being able to easily see a clock I didn't let time bother me. Take a deep breath. Take the shot. 10. Repeat.

After the competition was over I took a look at all the toys Cibles Canada Targets and other vendors had for sale. I purchased a pair of Sauer pistol shooting shoes. These are probably some of the flattest shoes I've ever seen.

Al Harding shocked at the awesome flatness of his new Sauers
shocked at the awesome flatness of sauer

I took them to the equipment check to make sure It was okay to swap shoes and use these rather than my regular sneakers I usually wear. Checked and ready. I'll be trying them out during tomorrow's match.

I'm currently hovering around 10th place. The top 8 men and women will do a Finals match tomorrow afternoon with another 10 shots scored to the decimal point. There are several countries here; mostly Canadian and American teams but also shooters from Trinidad & Tobago, and India. Roger Daniel (Trinidad and Tobago) is currently in 1st place having shot a 576 / 600.

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navkat said...

This is an awesome pic of you. I guess the Saur flatness was just too awesome for the first match. You'll get used to 'em tho.