Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 1 - 2008 BC Airgun Championships

Just a quick update...

The BC Airgun Championships consist of 3 matches, 2 shot on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. This morning I shot my highest since returning to the sport last May.. a 564/600 followed by a 562/600 this afternoon. If you've been following my blog and my progress since last year you'll notice my scores are slowly moving up.

I believe I'm currently in 3rd -- Two shooters who I really respect; Edmond Lee and Tyler Johnson both shot personal bests today. Impressive. Edmond shot a 578 which ties the BC record set in 2000 by Arno Baron and Tyler Johnson, still a junior shooter, shot a 569 which is a new BC Junior record. Tyler unofficially beat my BC Junior record (566/600 set in 1993) last November.

The aggregate score (out of a possible 1200 so far) for the 3 of us from today:

Edmond Lee - 1147 (569 + 578)
Tyler Johnson - 1129 (560 + 569)
Al Harding - 1126 (564 + 562)

More to come tomorrow...

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