Thursday, July 17, 2008

2008 Canadian National Finals Tomorrow 8am - Currently Tied For 5th

Today I shot a 560 / 600, one point shy of making the cut to possibly qualify for Canada's National Development Team. The score, combined with yesterday, puts me in a 3-way tie for 5th going into the Finals tomorrow morning. It also makes me the top 10m pistol shooter from BC.

1Prakash NanjappaON1145
2Stan WillsAB1132
3Wayne SalhanyON1131
4Yuri MovshovichON1128
5Sylvain OuellettePQ1119
6Josh Riker-FoxAB1119
7Allan HardingBC1119
8Mikhail OussovitchON1118

Finals will take place at the Calgary Rifle and Pistol Club. Everything is setup and ready to go for the Top 8 shooters. I am currently in a 3-way tie and with the count back I will likely be shooting in Position 8 (photo below) as positions 1 and 10 probably won't be used.

Al Harding makes the Top 8 at the 2008 Canadian Nationals
i'm currently in a 3-way tie for 5th

Gotta rest up tonight to fight for every point tomorrow!

Once the competition is over a bunch of are going over to the Canada Olympic Park to Zorb next to the 1998 Olympic Ski Jump.

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