Monday, May 2, 2011

Photos of the 2011 Pan American 10M Venue

Last month I was fortunate enough to be in Guadalajara, Mexico and was able to check out the Paradero Sports Complex. It's a nice location with various venues constructed for the Pan American Games which will be held there in October 2011. Paradero Sports Complex consists of a number of buildings including the Pan American Velodrome, the Weightlifting Forum, and the Pan American Shooting Polygon.

I was able to go inside the Shooting Polygon venue and take a look. The capacity for the venue is 456 and when I was there they had 50 positions setup even though the venue website lists 40 positions. All of the scoring is electronic with monitors at each position and they're all linked up to scoreboards way above the athletes for spectators to see.

One of the most unique stadiums I saw was the volcano inspired Omnilife Stadium where my favourite Mexican soccer team, the Chivas play. The opening and closing ceremonies will be there.

I'm in San Francisco next week and then will be back to training for BC Provincials.

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