Sunday, May 13, 2012

Arrived in Milan

I made it to Milan, Italy after a long travel day flying YVR to FRA, then almost missing my connecting flight to MXP. Frankfurt is crazy busy!

Once I got to Milan I ran into fellow Canadian shooter Lynda Kiejko and started to see a lot of other shooting teams from other countries. The ISSF had hosts near baggage claim who helped us navigate and get our gear cleared with local police.

We took a bus to the shooting range where we checked our pistols and ammunition in and got Team Canada checked in. It's pretty cool seeing all the teams from various countries around. We had Mexico and Malaysia on our bus with part of our Canadian team.

After arriving at the hotel we began out on a search for pasta -- everything was closed within a short walking distance. Sunday night at 6pm... closed? what? :) Luckily we found a place and ate some tasty gnocchi.



Back to the range this morning for equipment check, official training, and opening ceremonies later today!

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