Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome to my new blog

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. My name is Al and I've started this blog to talk about competitive pistol shooting. I competed for many years in my youth and was a National Junior Champion. I also hold the BC Junior Record of 566/600 for air pistol shooting which I scored at the 1995 Western Canada Games. The Minimum Qualification Score (MQS) for the Olympics is 563/600.
I left competitive pistol shooting, unintentionally, for several years as I spent time trying to move to Vancouver and find some work. These were some difficult years to say the least. I'll write about this stuff later... for now let's fast forward to 2002.

In 2002 and 2003, I made a brief attempt to get back into the sport, but by this point career commitments were quite high. Let's fast forward again... I'm skipping a lot, but it's best saved for a non 'Welcome' type post.

Fast forward some more and here we are in 2007. Life has been adventure and challenge filled, it has also been filled with a lot of tough times. I have been emailing and chatting with friends from the BC Handgun Association (which is now amalgamated with rifle as BC Target Sports Association) and decided, that with everything going on in my life, now was the time to come back to this sport.

I have no idea how well I will do after not being very active in the sport for over a decade. I'm going to use this blog to post photos, talk about my return, training, upcoming shooting matches, and anything else that is relevant.

You're more than welcome to check in and tag along on this journey.
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