Sunday, April 22, 2007

Less than four weeks to prepare for Provincials

It has literally been years since I've attended a shooting competition. Normally, I'd be training for a specific amount of time before an event in order to have peak performance at that particular event.

For this upcoming shooting match, it is the only one coming up that doesn't require travelling out of the Province so I'm going to it primarily for fun and to see my fellow shooters from around BC. I'm telling myself it is for fun because I want to ensure I'm setting realistic expectations for this first match... and well, I'm due for a vacation so that's what this is.

That said... I still want to do the best I can given the situation, so here is a short list of tasks I need to complete before going to Victoria next month:
  • Victoria travel and accommodations planning and booking
  • Air Pistol maintenance, cleaning
  • Check grip and make any changes to adjust for any changes in my hand's strength and shape over the last 4 years
  • Clean my shooting glasses (and possibly get a new lens made to account for any changes in my vision)
  • Weigh my pistol's trigger and make adjustments to ensure I'm within the rules and regulations
  • Check my air pistol's shooting velocity
  • Continue physical / cardio training
  • Continue strength training
  • Get out to the practice range in Richmond a few times
  • Practice where and when I can
  • Dry firing
  • Final equipment preparation

Al Harding's Steyr LP10
There are a few place to practice around Vancouver, New Westminster, and Richmond so I'll discuss them as I find out more information. I've also created a practice area back at my parent's house in Gibsons, BC. I'll post up some photos of this... basically I practice by shooting down a hall, past a pool table, and into my Dad's workshop. Like I said... practice 'where and when I can'.

This coming week I will get my accommodations and travel arrangements sorted out and go through some of the basic maintenance of my equipment. I'll post up photos along the way.

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