Monday, May 14, 2007

FedEx, 9,738 km, and Spring #51...

Last Friday, with 1 week before Provincials, I made the decision to FedEx my air pistol 4,869 km across the country to Cibles Canada Targets in Gatineau (Hull), Quebec.


Yes... I wasn't happy with how the air pistol was firing and chose to get it checked out. Good thing I did as there was a problem with a few parts. Spring #51 and a few others.

I can't wait to try it out, hopefully it arrives before I leave for Provincials. If not, I'll be bringing my 14 yr old Walther air pistol out of retirement. This is the gun I won the gold medal with at the Western Canada Games in 1995. I also shot the BC Junior record at the same event. The record still holds today at 566/600. I dusted it off this past weekend and tried it out and was pretty happy with it.

Confidence that your equipment will function precisely and consistently is important in this sport. Ironically though, the final day of shooting at the Western Canada Games one of my gun's CO2 cylinders failed... I always have an extra with me though. The match had already started so I had to act quickly as a match has a fixed time limit to complete all 60 shots. That's the kind of thing you need to react to, deal with, and regain focus as quick as possible.

Competing next weekend for the first time in a few years should be pretty cool.

I made sure my hotel room had WiFi so I'll probably be making updates quite frequently over the next short while.

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