Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Zipcar'ing around to the Richmond Rod & Gun Club

I sold my car last December and have been doing a lot more walking and transit riding lately. I don't mind riding on transit if I've got a good book or some music to listen to... I kind of like the fact that I get away from a computer screen. :) Not having a car can be a bit of a challenge when you want to move anything that can't fit inside of a backpack... like groceries or getting around anywhere that is off transit hours or outside of the main transit arteries.

I recently found out that the Richmond Rod & Gun Club has an indoor air gun range at Sportstown BC in Richmond. Getting out there by bus is not easy without having it take hours.

Conveniently, at the same time, I also found out about a cool new service in Vancouver called Zipcar. What is it? Well, basically like their marketing tagline says, "wheels when you want them". I just book a time when I want a vehicle and select one of the 100 or so they have around the city and I pay about $9/hr and it comes with a gas card in the visor you can use for free. The coolest part about the Zipcars is walking up to them and pulling out your Zipcar card and putting it near the windshield to unlock the car. It's awesome. Anyhow, if you're interested in checking it out let me know and I can give you a driving credit free from them. As cool as this service is it is somewhat expensive if I'm paying for it while I'm practicing inside.

The Richmond Rod & Gun Club has leased space at Sportstown BC. I checked it out last week and got to see some familiar faces... Dale, Edmond, and of course Paul! Awesome to see these guys.

The RR&GC alternate nights with an archery club. More information about the indoor range and practice times can be found on their website: http://www.rrgc.homestead.com/.

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Yay Al, good luck to you!!!
*supabunny hugs*