Tuesday, August 14, 2007

14th place finish and 3rd place in a team event

I finished the match in 14th place. Good, considering there were close to 50 male competitors and I was shooting with most of the top 10 back in the early 90's. These guys have been shooting awhile... several of these guys are on the National Team.

One of the BC Team's we entered was for the Air Pistol event. Our team placed 3rd so we got the bronze medal for that. My teammates were Edmond Lee and Mark Johnson.

I'll be shooting two matches in September, one is in Vancouver and the other is in Calgary. I'm hoping that a few more matches will help me get back to my 94% range. Getting all of my firearm paperwork will also be helpful as I'd like to be shooting 50m Free Pistol again.

Long travel day tomorrow. 2 hr drive and two flights... :) It will be good to get back to Vancouver.


navkat said...

For someone who just jumped back into this (after a long hiatus) this year, that's just outstanding.

I'm soooo proud of you, Al!

Breathe and squeeze, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Al, you omitted the best part of the team... our name! =8c]

Allan Harding said...

Hahaha... You're right... The BC Air Pistol Team was called "The BC Gas Holes" :)