Saturday, February 25, 2012

Afternoon gun repairs

I'm in Toronto at the 2012 Canadian Airgun Grand Prix and had a 'everything that can go wrong will' type morning. My new batteries in my grip for my electronic trigger gave out after my 3rd shot so I had to get the screwdriver out and replace the batteries...good thing I pack spares! ;)

Several shots after starting my competition the electronic target carrier hooked on to the front sight of my gun and carried it about 4 feet down range before swinging off and crashing back down to the floor. No good comes from watching a highly technical precision crafted piece of machinery falling several feet. *cringe* ...disastrous. =/

It all happened in a split second...I press the button for the target carrier to go down range, it stutters a bit, swings over and hooks my front sight and drags it off the table. The next second is filled with not being able to do anything and a slow motion, "Noooooooooooooo". I finished the match as best as I could but was way off my average as I wrestled with some tools on the firing line to get things fixed.

Grip off to check for damage

I spent a couple hours with the grip off clearing out the broken wood chips from inside the gun. I'll most likely need to get a new grip.

On a positive note, it looks like our BC team is currently in 1st place. I'll get some photos of the BC Team with our awesome BC Target Sports sponsored jackets.

Back to making some minor adjustments to the gun.

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