Thursday, August 26, 2010

Arrived in Granby, Quebec!

Edmond Lee and I got into Montreal yesterday morning after taking a late flight out of Vancouver. *yawn* We met up with John Berta, another BC shooter, who arrived about an hour ahead of us. *yawn* I didn't get any sleep on the plane, but after the drive to Granby, getting some food, and checking into the hotel a small power nap fixed that.

This morning we went to the outdoor range to get our equipment checked and registered. After that we got in some training time on the 50M range which went really well. The weather was excellent, sunny, not too hot, a light breeze... compared to the cold and rainy day yesterday it was beautiful.

Getting my Pardini sighted in at the 50M range

Once we finished up at the outdoor range, we headed over to the indoor range to get some 10M training time in. The indoor range feels a little dark, but it's using similar light conditions to how I train back home so I like it.

After getting some time in on both ranges we went out for some lunch and ate poutine, apparently the best in Granby according to a few reviewers. It was pretty good!

Competition Round 1 begins tomorrow morning - 50M at 9am and then 10M in the afternoon.

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