Sunday, August 29, 2010

New personal best in 50M Pistol!

I shot a 522 / 600 and a 532 / 600 in the 50M Pistol event at the 2010 Canadian Nationals. The 532 / 600 is a new personal best for me in this event. My scores were high enough to finish 3rd overall in a field of about 30.

This is an event I don't spend a lot of time training for due to the lack of nearby shooting ranges back home where I can shoot at 50 metres. The last time I shot 50M was at last year's Nationals. I will be making more of an effort to train for this event and putting some time into making a few modifications to the grip when I get back.

National Team Trials in 10M this afternoon and then Finals!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations...*and* good luck!

Edmond said...

Hey buey, you have to post a photo of "the pizza" that propelled your scores to new heights! =8^]