Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arrived in Munich

Arrived in Munich yesterday after travelling up from Milan. Always a bit of a paperwork process flying out of airports with shooting equipment... but we made it!

The Munich shooting range is pretty incredible and it makes me think that Munich is basically the center of the Olympic shooting universe. There are vendors all over the place here to fix equipment and sell you lots of stuff. This morning got through equipment check, with no line-up... awesome!

My gear ready to be checked through Equipment Control

I had my ammo tested by H&N and found that my shot group was too big, so then I took my gun over to the Steyr tent and had it serviced -- which is awesome because I always wondered if there was any 'issues' after it took a fall and hit the ground a few months ago.

After about an hour I took the gun back to the H&N tent and they re-tested it and everything was working sooooo much better. Makes me wish that this was available at the Milan World Cup last week because maybe some of those 9.9's would have been 10's. ;)

The main problem here is the number of athletes and the lack of shuttle buses to and from the range to the various athlete hotels around Munich.

Time to find some local food!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Results for 10m

I finished shooting the 10m event of my first World Cup and definitely found it challenging. I shot a lot of 9.9's which only count as 9 but just barely missed the 10 ring. The overall results can be found here and I finished in 78th with a score of 556.

Here is a breakdown of my 60 shots:

The first half of the match you can see my shots are spread out and I definitely attribute that to not being able to get myself settled down. The last half of the match went a lot better after I had gotten myself into a good groove. I ended with a 96 in my last 10 shots which was a great way to finish.

Definitely know what to expect now and look forward to next week in Munich. I shoot the 50m event on Saturday and will post up results.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Equipment is checked and ready!

Got to the range early today and beat the rush to get our equipment checked and verified. It got really busy later that morning!

Rifle shooters waiting in line to get their equipment checked

I'm officially competitor #1124 for this competition and can now also be found in the ISSF shooter database -- I need to update this with some info! :)

Afterwards, headed downtown for food and to check out the Duomo di Milano which was started in the 1300s! You can even go up on the roof and wander around. Win!

Standing in front of the Milan Cathedral -- free concert happening too!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Arrived in Milan

I made it to Milan, Italy after a long travel day flying YVR to FRA, then almost missing my connecting flight to MXP. Frankfurt is crazy busy!

Once I got to Milan I ran into fellow Canadian shooter Lynda Kiejko and started to see a lot of other shooting teams from other countries. The ISSF had hosts near baggage claim who helped us navigate and get our gear cleared with local police.

We took a bus to the shooting range where we checked our pistols and ammunition in and got Team Canada checked in. It's pretty cool seeing all the teams from various countries around. We had Mexico and Malaysia on our bus with part of our Canadian team.

After arriving at the hotel we began out on a search for pasta -- everything was closed within a short walking distance. Sunday night at 6pm... closed? what? :) Luckily we found a place and ate some tasty gnocchi.



Back to the range this morning for equipment check, official training, and opening ceremonies later today!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Less than 4 weeks until the ISSF World Cup in Milan

Really looking forward to representing Canada and shooting at the ISSF World Cup in Milan, Italy next month. Even better is shooting a week later at the ISSF World Cup in Munich, Germany -- this will be the last stop in the World Cup circuit before the Olympic Games in London.

These 2 events will be my first outside of North America and my first 2 as an official team member of Canada's National Development Team. I'm scheduled to shoot 10M indoor and 50M outdoor events - both are Olympic events.

Still waiting for my new grip for my gun. I may have to wait to switch over to it until after I get back from the World Cup events because I won't have much time to get it setup and practice with it before I leave. Hopefully it clears customs this week!

Training has been going really well... I won't go into the details of it now. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 BC Airgun Champion!

The BC Airgun Championships were this weekend in Richmond, BC and I became Provincial Champion with scores of 556/600, 562/600, and 565/600. I'm still sorting out some issues with my gun's grip and it seems like I need to tighten the screws on the grip about every 10 shots or so.

New grip has been ordered anyway! :) Should arrive in April giving me a few weeks to train with it before the World Cup in Milan, Italy this coming May.

Also, before I forget here is a photo of our BC Team at the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix last weekend in Toronto wearing our awesome new BCTSA sponsored jackets:

(L-R) John Lublinkhof, Jessie Lublinkhof, Mathew Klein,
John Berta, Edmond Lee, Al Harding

I finished in 4th at the Grand Prix, which was a decent result considering I was dealing with technical difficulties.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Afternoon gun repairs

I'm in Toronto at the 2012 Canadian Airgun Grand Prix and had a 'everything that can go wrong will' type morning. My new batteries in my grip for my electronic trigger gave out after my 3rd shot so I had to get the screwdriver out and replace the batteries...good thing I pack spares! ;)

Several shots after starting my competition the electronic target carrier hooked on to the front sight of my gun and carried it about 4 feet down range before swinging off and crashing back down to the floor. No good comes from watching a highly technical precision crafted piece of machinery falling several feet. *cringe* ...disastrous. =/

It all happened in a split second...I press the button for the target carrier to go down range, it stutters a bit, swings over and hooks my front sight and drags it off the table. The next second is filled with not being able to do anything and a slow motion, "Noooooooooooooo". I finished the match as best as I could but was way off my average as I wrestled with some tools on the firing line to get things fixed.

Grip off to check for damage

I spent a couple hours with the grip off clearing out the broken wood chips from inside the gun. I'll most likely need to get a new grip.

On a positive note, it looks like our BC team is currently in 1st place. I'll get some photos of the BC Team with our awesome BC Target Sports sponsored jackets.

Back to making some minor adjustments to the gun.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 National Dev Team... time to step up!

I made the 2012 National Development Team! Yes!

Busy next few months...

February 11-12
I'll be taking my Level 1 Technical of the NCCP Coaching Course. I took the A+B components last year and now an opportunity to take the Level 1 Technical has come up so I'm going to do it. Details are available on the BCTSA website.

February 23-27
Going to Toronto, Ontario for the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix -- North America's biggest ISSF air gun competition. HUGE THANK YOU to BC Target Sports for funding assistance to attend!

Last year I finished as the top Canadian shooter, this year I plan to beat my scores from last year.

March 2-4
A couple weeks later I'll be attending the BC Airgun Championships in Richmond, BC. If you're planning to shoot make sure you register early -- Forms are on the BCTSA website! If you're interested in what this sport is all about, feel free to stop by and watch.

...and then I'll be going overseas to one of the ISSF World Cup competitions this year!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going to the 2012 Canadian Airgun Grand Prix in Feb

2012 is here! It's been awhile since posting up an update. I'm getting caught up on a few things after a busy last few months.

My next shooting competition will be the 2012 Canadian Airgun Grand Prix in Toronto Canada on February 24-26. Event details can be found here and on the events Facebook page.

More details to come!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Made my cut score, finished 10th overall!

What an amazing two days of shooting. I saw both Will Brown and Alexander Chichkov break their own National Records. Will shot a 585 besting his previous record of 582 which he set in July at the USASNC and Alexander (who was shooting next to me today) shot a 575 beating his own record of 570  he set at 2011 USASNC. It's hard to believe these guys are juniors!

I'm happy with my results and was able to shoot a 567 which easily beats the cut score to qualify for the 2012 Canadian Development Team. Definitely some more work to do and I picked up on a few things I can be doing better. It's always good to watch great shooters -- they're doing something right! ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Results from 2011 Champion of Champions ISSF 10M at Fort Benning

I made it to Atlanta and Columbus Sunday night... what a long day travelling from Vancouver! The next day I went to Fort Benning and got lost trying to find where the event was -- there are a lot of ranges there all named after people.

Here are the results from the first match this morning at the 2011 Champion of Champions event at Fort Benning, Georgia:

Click to view a larger image

The score is high enough to make the necessary cut score for the 2012 Canadian National Development Team. Exciting!

One more day of shooting to go...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Completed Part B of NCCP Coaching Program

This past weekend I finished the Part 'B' component of the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program. Next up I will be taking the sport specific requirements to work towards becoming a Provincial Coach for target sports.

Next week I'll be at the "Champion of Champions" shooting match at Fort Benning, Georgia looking to shoot the minimum qualification score to qualify for the Canadian National Team. This will be my first time shooting in the USA since hitting a 'local' match in Custer, Washington back in the early 90s.